WTSS and others, how do we do?

WTSS Dynatrace Uptrends
Company size Small Large Medium
Pricing +++ +++++ +
Monitoring locations The Netherlands Multiple stations (World) Multiple stations (World)
In-depth web performance analytics external 6/10 9/10 8/10
Internal server performance measuring No Yes No
Main users Banks Application Lifecycle Management
Supports smartcard/tokens Yes No No
Supports challenge/responses Yes Not with physical device No
Bank transaction monitoring is driven by own accounts and money pool Yes No No
WEB monitoring by URL Yes Yes Yes
WEB monitoring by navigation Yes Yes No
App (Device monitoring Yes Yes No
API monitoring Yes Yes Yes
API PSD2 monitoring Yes No No
File-based monitoring Yes No No
Time-based monitoring Yes No No
Cross journey monitoring (APP, API, WEB and/or FILE) Yes No No
Alerting Yes Yes Yes
Incident management Yes No No
Journey scheduling on specific time/interval Yes No No
Bank holiday adoption for execution and expectation scheduling Yes No No
Connected to SWIFT network Yes No No
Connected to ISABEL network Yes No No
Local infrastructure agents Yes; (BIMER) Yes No