We run and monitor sample flows across your complete end-to-end financial transaction chain 24/7.   (more on our wiki…)

By acting as an actual customer of your bank, we duplicate the global money transfer flows of your customers. We set up actual international accounts and transfer our own funds between those accounts.

Stay ahead of any critical issues

In other words, each step of an international financial transaction is actually monitored across different countries and different banks in order to identify any processing issues early on, well before your customers do.

No business risks for your bank:

  • Verification from a customer’s perspective by using actual accounts and actual money
  • We use our own funds to duplicate financial flows (so-called ‘sample flows’)

24/7 process monitoring

In addition, these financial transaction flows are monitored 24/7 by our own platform and our highly qualified and screened staff.

Reporting and alerts

Any deviations or critical issues are presented in real time on an intuitive management dashboard. They are also promptly reported to your operational staff by e-mail or SMS alerts with escalations in case of non-response.

  • Real-time 24/7 incident management and notifications
  • Detailed insights into unusual time deviations and number of consecutive errors

Custom made platform

Our services are tailored to your bank’s requirements by incorporating complex operational standards (SLAs), and integrate with SWIFT, web or other communication channels.

  • Complex operational standards (SLAs) can be incorporated
  • All bank products can be added to the monitoring scope
  • Integrates with SWIFT, web or other communication channels
  • A wide range of communication protocols including FTP, sFTP, HTTPs and AS2 depending on your environment.

Would you like to stay ahead of your customers?

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