Start monitoring from the customers point of view!

With our unique approach we embed your website, accessing production accounts at your bank on either our simple or complex web verification pool.
The choice for a pool is based upon security tokens used. A lot of banks use OTP’s (one time paswords) or Challenge response systems based upon smartcards and readers, for which WTSS has the ability to use these techniques in the complex verification pool.

Once embedded we define the customer journey, also called the sample. Below figure indicates the steps from the sample where a customer initiating a transaction:

This sample can the be schedule to run at any desired interval. Most customers choose for an interval running 24×7 between 3 and 15 minutes.

Every step has it own success and error criteria. It is also possible to capture screens during the entire sample process.

A step results in an error, will be marked and presented to the incident handling process

This big collection of samples is the base for the availability (steps 1 to 6) and end-to-end reporting (steps 7 and 8).

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