EBICS is hot, everybody is talking about it, banks that not yet support it are working on implementing it, banks that do support it are on-boarding new clients on it or migrating existing clients to it. This all makes sense since EBICS is reliable and secure, communication is based on HTTPs and transfers will be compressed, chunked, encrypted and signed. Transfers are also protected against replay and acknowledged, so you get a confirmation when your transfer is properly received on the remote side.

EBICS however is more then just a transport protocol, it is also features an order-manger, which supports different payment formats, user-quotas as well as dual-signature setups. There are different flavors of EBICS, EBICS-T (transport signature only) and EBICS-TS (electronic signature(s)), apart from that there are some differences between the German and the French implementation.

If you are looking for EBICS connectivity contact us, our communication suite supports all available version.