Verification of new products and systems

The WTSS platform also provides end-to-end verification of newly developed bank products or systems or those that are about to be implemented in a live environment. Like our monitoring services, we literally act as one of your customers. As a result, we can test your new bank products and systems as an external party.

Make your systems and processes bulletproof

Our test portal uses a single point of entry and all test activities originate from the web interface regardless of the protocol or destination.

Accessing the portal is straightforward and test files can be easily uploaded. You can create unique files based on previous uploads containing specific markers and transfer them directly or schedule them.

For duration tests, you can upload files 24/7 at whatever interval you like. All messages received are reconciled with the original transfer order. The portal can be used by multiple groups testing different parts of your infrastructure, but it keeps each team’s mailboxes and transfers segregated from one another.

Our test portal services consist of:

  • Test portals for communication, system testing, acceptance and pre-production
  • Test tooling support
  • User and acceptance test communication services
  • User and acceptance test complex queries
  • Test resourcing
  • Professional feedback based on extensive knowledge of best practice in the field

Take advantage of our end-to-end verification expertise and ensure your systems are rock solid.

Contact us and find how we can assist you based on your specific requirements.