Business verifications

Verifying changes and upgrades to your bank’s systems can be challenging as most banks can only verify their own business processes in a test environment. What’s more, you cannot verify external-party software or the systems of other banks.

Verifying your business processes in real time

By acting as an actual customer, the WTSS platform can verify your business processes in real time in a live production environment. In addition, our verification platform is not limited to production systems, but also covers end-to-end verification of your internal business processes and external systems.

  • Verification from your customers’ perspective
  • Almost all bank products can be added to the monitoring scope
  • External verifications beyond your own network
  • 24/7 monitoring and reporting
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • No financial risks
  • No responsibilities
  • No auditing and risk issues
  • No complex procedures or time-consuming paperwork
  • No need to plan or reserve timeslots

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