Since 2003, WTSS has been a solid, trustworthy partner of top European banks by providing real-time verification of their entire end-to-end financial transaction chain and business processes.

By running and monitoring sample flows 24/7, we identify processing issues so they can be promptly resolved by operational staff at an early stage. Well before customers become aware of any deviations or critical issues.

We implement international money transactions from a customer’s perspective by actually transferring money between real accounts in multiple countries.

The WTSS platform is tailored to a bank’s needs and integrates with SWIFT, web or other communication channels.


WTSS is a rapidly growing Dutch company that has acquired a high level of expertise in business processes at top European banks. Backed by many years of experience in the banking world, owner Martin Schorel truly understands the needs of corporate banks. By providing customized solutions according to complex SLAs, WTSS is able to assist banks with their operational challenges.

Initially, WTSS provided banks with IT services. By tailoring these services to the needs of banks it became apparent that they preferred to mitigate any risk with regards to any critical issues or deviations in their end-to-end transaction chain. As a result, WTSS developed a solid process monitoring solution to verify business processes which can be tailored to any bank’s requirements.