Below picture gives an overview of the monitoring verticals and the functionality of the portal

(Open)API’s and PSD2

It is common practice to use API’s as the communication mechanism between your institution and your mobile applications. In today’s world API’s are also adding value to connect customers and third parties like FinTech or account aggregators. With the mandatory European PSD2 program, API’s have quickly gained importance!

In this changing world WTSS has the ability to fully validate your API. WTSS monitors the working of these entry points like our regular monitoring. API calls are added as steps in a journey, making it possible to warn on possible disruptions.

Mobile applications

Phone, tablet, iOS or Android

WTSS utilizes a large pool of virtual and real devices in order to execute customer journeys.
The pool consists out of multiple Android and iOS devices on multiple OS versions.
This load balanced pool connects over several providers to your infrastructure, minimizing impact of external factors.

Our monitoring portal uses advanced tools to check the journey steps and verify expectations. It also displays screen captures of any action or alert message.

(FTP) files and/or (SWIFT) Messaging

To closely monitor the stability of your major payment channels, we implement the same kind of international transactions as your customers. These include money transfers, deposits, withdrawals, and many other types of transactions.

We run sample orders of up to 10,000 items per second across your entire financial transaction chain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
For example, transactions can be single, batch or urgent payments. They can also be transmitted using different communication protocols like FTP, sFTP, HTTPs, EBICS and AS2 depending on your environment.
We even have our own SWIFT BIC (WTSSNL2R) to verify your SWIFT processing as well.


Monitoring behind your website! When it comes to online banking, most banks only have a system that checks whether the website is up and running. They aren’t able to monitor back-office systems effectively because they don’t have the ability to initiate transactions via their websites. Initiating transactions via your website like a real customer WTSS offers 24/7 monitoring of your bank’s website portal.

Because we can initiate orders via your website like a real customer, we can keep a close eye on your web-based payment systems. We can monitor web payments of any type, including those using challenge response tokens like smart cards, random readers and digipasses. Checking back-office processes and verifying expectations
Our monitoring portal uses advanced tools to check your back-office processes and verify expectations. It also displays screen captures of any action or alert messages generated by your website. You can monitor correct operation of your web-based payment systems at all times and keep your customers happy.

Time based expectations

Time based monitoring is the collective name for all items that should be fulfilled on a specific moment in time. End Of Day (EOD) reporting is the most commonly used. Other types, like status updates, can be configured just as easy.